Currently being inspired by...


So classy, yet so sassy.

Here are some of my faves:

Most notably, pearls are worn as single strand necklaces
as seen here on the quirky yet fabulous Chloe

or  big and chunky like on this excited blonde.

Here we have EMBOSSED cupcakes.
They're little oysters and pearls!
How flawless.
Le Cupcake posted these gorgeous finds.

Need a beautiful place to put those beautiful cupcakes?
How about a pearl rimmed cake stand?
Gorgeous. Thanks a lot, Elizabeth Embellishments.

What a great gift for the bride and groom?
A mother of pearl frame with a picture from their special day.
find one like it here

How about this cute DIY?
Originally made as just a hanging embellishment for Valentine's day,
The Ruffled Blog made it into a ring bowl.
Check out her instructions.

Speaking of wedding, I though this was quite a unique gift...
Pearl chopsticks in an oyster bowl!
Found here

Mother of Pearl.
Check out this MOP tile. 
Super sassy on a whole wall, or just a pinch of sass
as a backsplash in a kitchen or bathroom.
for more interior ideas visit Janet McCann Associates

This pearl detailed Bolero jacket is right up my alley
The high shoulders are very in right now, and I couldn't be more pleased with the find
I could however be more pleased with the price.
Out of my range here

Blair, my dove, you've done it again
Simple pearl strand headband.
How much better can it get?

Please note the pearl strand draping from the first "n"
What a cute invitation for a dinner party or rehearsal din-din.

And last but not least...
I am the best air-drummer this side of the Mississippi
but if I were a real drummer, this green Pearl would be my kit.

Keep it classy until next time.

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vaustin@choicesworldwide.com said...

You, my darling niece, are a pearl in the strands of niecedom. Where do you find these fetching articles, all of which speak to me?? Leopard! Polka dots! Pearls! How will I sleep tonight, having read your bloggedy-blog and LOL b/c it seems you are here next to me, speaking in MegMac slang? Your devoted Aunt Vickie