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Sheltering you from the storm or adding a bit of flair,
Umbrella's are delightful.

Here are some of my faves:

How about this brilliant idea?
A purse ... that turns into an umbrella!
Found on this blog all about cool inventions.

What a gorgeous idea for a wedding.
The colors are phenomenal.
Gerald Pope  is responsible for this, and many other shots.

Are you kidding me with the bows?
Sugar Bowl Creations dreamed up these cookies.

Speaking of sweet...
I don't know what else to say... I have no words.
Cupcakes Take the Cake ,you are miracle workers.

I LOVE this concept for an "Umbrella Dress"
The designer's name is Megan Inghram 
Go check out her stuff. Now.

Not the most fashionable thing I've ever seen, but I thought the design was pretty stellar.
Design your own here

Great DIY project for a monogrammed Umbrella Stand
Details here

The sweetest!
This little guy was found on Tiny Art Jewelry 's Esty shop.

literally LOL

if you are not familiar, I don't know that explaining it would make it funny, but I'll give you a hint:

I'll post again soon.
Until then, remember you can always stand under my umbrella
ella ella

click here to purchase the MegMac card inspired by umbrellas.

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