Currently being inspired by...


No, not that kind!

This kind.

Here are some of my faves:

Let's just get the Martha post out of the way, shall we?

New York & Co.  sassy-ness!

How about turning these ugly outdated strappies

Into these hot mama's??
DIY Instructions here

I love the long sleeved mini look.
Here it is done perfectly with ruffles and sheer fabric.
Found this gem on Fashion Indie's blog

DIY alert!
A cute way to spruce up an American Apparel Summer Tee.
Directions found here

Not really a two-piece kind of girl
But this is too much for me to not post.
Love this Hayden Harnette masterpiece.

So unique. So sassy.
Browse through all of Ten Thousand Things 

Gingham & Ruffled?
Be still my beating heart!
posted this awesome DIY

For those days when you're freezing your ass off, but still feel like being a fashionista.
Cashmere gloves from SheFinds

A ruffled cake stand.
Thank you Sur La Table

Hope this post ruffled up some inspiration in you.

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