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Elegant or funky, lace is the perfect way to spruce up...anything.

Here are some of my faves:

How cool is this?
A sterling silver cuff based on a piece of lace!
Designer Jemima posted this beaut on Etsy .

I'm a sucker for baked goods
these Almond Lace Cookies look light and delicious.
Find the recipe here 

Not that I would ever leave the house like this,
but aren't these makeup applications gorgeous?
Very over the top, yet still quite elegant.

How about these cute lace glasses found on DesignSponge ?
So cute! Pair with solid colored plates for an instant shabby chic table setting!

Rihanna, the queen of all things hot, WORKING those lace gloves.
Get em' girl.

Ugh, another reason to be a blonde...
Adorable black lace headbands like this one from Free People , 
don't show up on my black hair...

Haven't had a Martha post in awhile...
Here's a cute DIY  votive candle holder project.
You've done it again, Martha, you've done it again.

Omiru posted these lace dresses from Catherine Holstein, Verrier, and Diane von Furstenberg
from their 2009 Fashion Week lines.

And the piece de resistance...
This TO-DIE-FOR wallpaper
vintage, elegant, funky...PERFECT!
MTeriors blog posted these masterpieces.

send me your favorite lovely lace finds.

New Post Soon.

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