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Blair Waldorf is definitely responsible for the come back of the bow.
And thank God for her. They are my new obsession.

Here are some of my faves:

Bows on dresses are my favorite kind and I love this one above on that quirky Lilly Allen
as well as this more subtle one below on Liv Tyler

Well, I don't know if subtle is the word...

When Forever 21 is making it, you know it's been beaten into the ground,
but I still love this gold necklace. Tre Chic.
BlueDame posted it on their blog.

HoneyDew Panties are hands down the BEST pair of underwear you will ever buy.
They are way out of my underwear budget, but if you keep your eye on the Nordstrom Rack clearance rack, you can find them for a steal.  Trousseau in Chicago sells them.

Um, Excuse me Ralph Lauren, who knew you were so cheeky?
Look at these irresistible Tuxedo Dessert Plates?
Shop.com has them for a major bargain!

I'll have 3.

Orion London posted this bad boy.

Quite in love with this whole ensemble, but it's the shoes I'm focusing on.
Kingdom of Style posted this way (in a plethora of other ways) to wear striped tights.

Enough already.
The Party Dress (a.k.a my new favorite site)
posted this whimsical way to serve dogs at a movie night party

A cute felt option to dress up a gift.
Found on Twig & Thistle's genious post.

Oh, Hi next dinner party.
Martha, my hero, posted brilliant directions on how to fold a napkin.

Just about the cutest effing thing I've seen all day
No I was not in a sorority, but I will join one now
 if it means I can have one of these.
Good work, Gift Conceptions

So thank you,

Blair Waldorf, for bringing back the bow.

Bow-lieve it or not, this post is now over.

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