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Who doesn't love a pint sized something?

Here are some of my faves:

cute. cute. cute.
Mini watermelon cookies!
adorable and easy recipe

Mini rubber ducks!
With Shamrocks!
found them here

turning wine glasses into mini lamps
with a tea light & some vellum!
Mrs. Desighner is brilliant!

Kate Bosworth workin' this red mini.

Do yourself a huge favor and go to 
and look at all the cute mini things these guys dream up.

Mini coffee candles!
two of my favorite things.

A cute idea for Thanksgiving or Halloween.
upside down mini terra cotta pots
turned into pilgrim hat place cards or with a little tweaking
they could easily become witches' hats.
Check out the steps here

How about this mini rosette coin purse/wristlet.
Perf for those nights out when you shouldn't be responsible for too much
more than some money and an i.d.
Found it on the Black Rose

Um, yes please.
This little number is a desktop cooler
just enough space for one can
that is operated by a USB PORT!!
You plug it into your freaking computer and it powers it.
God bless you, technology.

Perfect for a wedding shower.
Mini wedding cake candles.
Thank you, Hip Hostess

And now I just want to give a quick shout out to my friend, Allie.
She has a blog spot called Allie's Minis and she is a genius at her craft.
Go check out her stuff! 

That's all for now, kiddos.

click here to purchase this MegMac card inspired by minis

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