Currently being inspired by...


This spunky color has been popping up all over the place
and I couldn't be happier about it.

Here are some of my faves:

Floral Print Turquoise clutch courtesy of Spelndicity

An eclectic little frame from, what else, Everything Turquoise

A cute little DIY table, found on Flickr

Turquoise plaid iPod nano cover?
Yes Please.
Find it & others like it here

Little Selena Gomez, showing how to wear turquoise without 
looking like you've just exited the trailer park.

Two Examples of funky, diverse rooms, complete with turquoise walls.
Look at some other ideas here

Speaking of funky, look at these young little starlettes 
spunk up their nails with an aqua hue.

This Etsy artist posted this beaut.
I'll have 3.

My roomate, Claire, had this logo as her computer wallpaper
for a long time. I think it's even cuter on this little mug.
Order one for yourself, here

Loving this eyeshadow.
Turquoise minus the 80's.

What things are YOU being inspired by?
Help me decide the upcoming posts.

click here to purchase this MegMac card inspired by the color turquoise

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