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I love love.
therefore, I love Valentine's.

Here are some of my faves:

PLEASE do yourself a favor and click on Stephanie William's website and check out
Janet & Matt's TO-DIE-FOR vintage inspired wedding.
to. die. for.

Design Detective Diary posted this cute DIY based on the
necklace this cute girl has on under her cute blazer.

How about a little chocolate martini for you and your lovie on Valentine's Day?
delish recipe found here

So True. And so damn cool!
Keep Calm Gallery sells this poster and lots of other great ones too.
Go check it out.

Oh Martha, Martha, Martha.
You've done it again.
Try your hand at Martha's Handwritten Valentine's Cupcakes recipe

How sweet? And easy!
A cute little DIY found here on KatyDid.com

Whether it's from you...or your kids,
This is the perfect way to send your valentines!
This adorable little house for your lovely notes was posted by Zakka Life's blog.

Repuposed4you came up with this clever design
and I want one.

Stop it.  What a perfect way to say I love you.
A little heart shaped over easy egg. Yum.
Get one for you & ur hunny here.

cute cute cute.

You can pop these in the mimosas you serve with your eggs.

Hope you are celebrating with the person you love
or at least appreciating what it is you love.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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