Currently being inspired by...

Those yellow and black little guys are everywhere!
In the most curious little ways.

Here are some of my faves:

The easiest little DIY magnets
My Coin Purse posts the tutorial

A great little "Birds & Bees" themed baby shower!
As posted by HWTM

Wonder if they had this adorable cake at the shower?
Effortlessly dreamed up by EpiCute

Gorgeous bottles housing delicious honey!
The Savannah Bee Company is to die for.

A honeycomb inspired bed!
Have you ever seen anything like it?
Apartment Therapy had some other ideas too.

Paris Hilton! Can't stand most of what you do,
but love your bee inspired dress!

Awesome honeycomb lamps!
Thank God for Unplggd

A superb Martha recipe!
Honey Bee Spice Cupcakes.

For the bee inspired fellas out there.
A perfect pair of black & yellow.
Thanks, Double King

A cool vintage looking bee pendant.
Quite the statement piece.
Found on, where else?

And just for good measure,
a fat, dressed up baby.

Until next time,
Bee yourself.


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Beads could be a nice Inspiration. Do you have any products or ideas for me?