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Love Birds!

Maybe a little hypocritical because real birds and I don't
get along so famously, but LoveBirds make my little heart melt.

Here are some of my faves:

Who else is dying?
Bird cake toppers!
Find these TDF birdies here

A cozy little tee complete with a little bird detail.
Kraze Apparel is responsible for this great find.

Guess who carries this Tory Burch bag?
Click here to find out.

the textured feathers!
I need this in my life.
Guess I'll have to go over here and get one for myself.

This wooden topped mug is the perfect way to keep your hot tea
inside your mug when your traveling & 
the top becomes a coaster when you get there!
How Inventive!
Thanks, Huset 

Martha, the queen of all things crafty 
has created this awesome punch
for all of us loyal copy-cats.
Love you, girl.

Um, are you kidding me?
Love bird S&P Shakers...in a nest?
Enough already.
Thanks, Hot Ref

Love the nest, love the vintage-ness.
Just. Generally. Love.
Found here

How sweet?
Little birdie bud vases.
This Etsy artist is responsible.

Are you still alive?
I know, I fainted when I saw this too.
Too much to handle, right?
Figs & Ginger are the bomb.com

Alright, my sweets, see you again soon.

click here to purchase this MegMac card inspired by lovebirds

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